(Re)introduce obé Fitness to the fitness marketplace with thumbstopping designs highlighting key new product features, a more focused mission, and an emotional narrative that stands out from the crowd.

Lauren Lapid Art Director + Designer
Kseniya Sovenko Content Director
Paige Klingerman Marketing Director
To drive acquisition in Q1 and into the new year, obé Fitness launched a series of advertisements under the umbrella Personalized Fitness for Women.
The aim was to position obé as the brand that empowers and guides women through the what, when, and how of working out, so you have one less thing to stress about. Your fitness journey will no longer be an endless pursuit to hit that magic number on the scale, but an empowering experience of building your body literacy and taking control of your health.
The beginning of a new year can be an intimidating and overwhelming time, and obé will be the one that people turn to + see as approachable and the right choice for them to fulfill their fitness goals.
Collaborating with the content, marketing, and analytics team, I created several variations of advertisements to test for Q1.

Concept 1: Out-of-the-Box a seamless, mixed-media Instagram carousel

Concept 2: Kinetic Instagram story with energizing kinetic typography

Concept 3: Product Focus Instagram story focusing on app user interface

Concept 4: The Quiz an animated version of the onboarding quiz

Concept 5: Brand Video dynamic, lively video showcasing talent and emotion

Concept 6: Energy static ad emphasizing personality that extends beyond the screen

Concept 7: Women showcasing features catered to women's needs

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