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My name is Lauren Catherine, and I like making cool shit.
I'm a graphic designer and content creator based in New York City and Los Angeles. Currently an art director at Ketchum, an award-winning global communications consultancy. 
My experience spans a little bit of everything—from big tech and banking, to old school Hollywood and fashion, to editorial and newsrooms, and even NFTs (yikes, I know, right?). Through all of these different experiences, however, my north star has always been using design as a vessel to connect with others.
Or if you want to hear about the time I helped launch Vogue's TikTok during the middle of the pandemic. Or the time I accidentally stole Milo Ventimiglia's coffee at work. Or the time I redecorated a bathroom at BravoCon (anything for the shot, right?)...
My strengths lie in creative direction that's in harmony with marketing strategy and analytics, visual storytelling informed by strong verbal concepts, and pleasing over process—not just outcomes.
Currently looking for freelance opportunities in graphic design and motion design. 
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