Introducing obé Fitness's newest all-star fitness trainer recruits as the Class of 2024.

obé Fitness welcomed new trainers to their staff for the new year. In order to build hype and awareness for the obé community, I designed a brand identity for the Class of 2024.
Staying consistent with obé Fitness's well-loved and easily identifiable visual identity, I honed in on the most electric colors and leaned into nostalgic "yearbook" style analog assets to tie the identity together. The visual identity elements are used throughout all obé Fitness communications, from website user interface and newsletters to Instagram posts and even video thumbnails.
Once the Class of 2024 launched, all of obé Fitness's brand colors come to play, bringing even more vibrance to obé's various feeds, a mirror to the vibrance and energy the new talent brings to the community.

Role: Art Director + Designer

Pre-launch teaser content

Retouched launch photography and edits

Class of 2024 branding in the wild

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