A personal, for-fun kinetic typography piece I created to illustrate how type, audio, and color can be a compelling means for storytelling.
Paula Scher once said, "Words have meaning. Type has spirit." I took her wisdom as a challenge, wanting to push my own creative boundaries with kinetic type. 
Choosing a song from Lin Manuel Miranda's Hamilton was an easy and intentional choice; I wanted a song with energy, smart plays on words, and multiple perspectives. It felt like a stronger challenge.
My main goal was to create a visual narrative with the main subject being strong typographic forms and compositions, intentionally limiting myself to the Nexa font family. I chose Nexa because of its wide array of weights and styles. Additionally, its serif and distressed texture felt like an appropriate nod to the real history behind the song, as its events take place in the 1700s.
The result is a lively and delightful kinetic typography piece.
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