Creative direction and custom animations for Kikkoman USA's monthly GIPHY drops so everyone can add a little bit of umami to their Instagram stories & reels and TikToks.
As a first-generation Asian American, I was thrilled to join the Kikkoman team at Ketchum. My first push as the new creative lead was to launch Kikkoman USA's GIPHY channel. Kikkoman is a global heritage brand, and as a consumer myself, I knew that there was an appetite (pun intended) for Kikkoman-branded GIPHY stickers.
Within the first three months of launch at the end of 2022 with just 12 stickers and me as the sole designer, Kikkoman USA's GIPHY stickers had over 1M+ views. We now create custom illustrations and animations for Kikkoman USA's GIPHY on a monthly basis.
Today, there are 84 uploads and over 8.7M+ views, and I oversee two designers who work on Kikkoman USA's social presence with me. Below are a few examples of my work.
Role: Art Director + Animator
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