External Brand Anthem Video

A centennial of progress at work, Ketchum celebrated
its 100 year anniversary with
a full brand refresh. This is the video that launched the reimagined brand.

Mike Doyle Global CEO + Narrator
Jim Joseph U.S. CEO + Executive Producer
 Executive Creative Director
Jason Walker Creative Director, Content
Lisa Jacokes Creative Director, Copy

Brandon Goldsworthy Creative Director + Design Lead
Lauren Lapid Art Director + Animator
Taylor Springett Designer + Animator
MANIFESTO — There aren’t too many 100-year-old companies in the public relations & advertising industry. Our roots span generations of devoted colleagues, clients and campaigns. Our evolution, guided by empathy + intelligence, is measured by the progress we make for and with our clients and our people.
We’re using this moment to reflect on who we are: Experts in leading through change. And re-commit to making progress in this new world. With joy, humility, and humanity. A century of Ketchum. We love where we’ve been. We love where we’re going. That’s Progress at Work, for 100 years and counting.

PROJECT RECAP — As a part of the creative team that reimagined Ketchum's brand identity, I was tasked as the art director for the brand video. This video set the tone for the brand refresh, as it revealed the new look and feel to the whole company during a Global Town Hall. Then, it went live on YouTube and was linked in many LinkedIn posts, press releases and beyond.
After consulting with my creative directors and CEO, I created storyboards alongside my design partner, and the two of us tackled both the internal and external facing brand anthem videos.

Initial Storyboards

Conceptual Animation

Internal Brand Refresh Announcement

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