Creative ideation & design
for Hollister Co.'s unprecedented holiday 2021 marketing campaign.

Marissa Hobson Art Director
Lauren Lapid Design Lead
Emily Cergol Copy
Nick Graves Copy
Chris Vestal Photo
Matt Miner Video 

MANIFESTO — Following the lockdown of 2020, teenagers are all maxed out on silent nights and are ready for a holiday season reboot. Times have changed, and they're going out because they can and staying in because they want to—but quarantine gave us all time to embrace the cozy feelings of sweatpants and hoodies, and that cozy feeling isn't one we're ready to let go of anytime soon.
This brings us to Cozy To-Go—whoever said cozy looks read lazy can see themselves out. Hollister is dispensing supremely soft, polar-vortex-crushing, non-perishable outfit glory, so you can roll from your friend’s couch to the streets without ever changing outfits. If that’s not convenience, we don’t know what is.
With a combination of nostalgia through found footage perspectives, VCR filters, and film photography in addition to the character of old school bodegas, drive-thru's, and gas stations that often serve as the backdrop of teenage adventures, we're declaring that this holiday season, you can Take Your Cozy To-Go.
This global, omni-channel campaign features support for email, site, paid/social media, app, store signage, and video-based ads across external channels.
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