CONDENSED SAMPLE REEL featuring the Now Playing Bug, Ad Break Alert, Brand Ident, Brand Sizzle, Brand Ad Slate, Next Up Bug

In 2020, Condé Nast’s Bon Appétit made waves launching its first ever linear TV channel with SamsungTV.  I was the Design Lead who brought the channel to life.

I worked directly with the Condé Nast Entertainment Operations team and Bon Appétit Creative Directors as the sole designer and lead on this project, working from conceptualization to final delivery. Responsibilities included competitive analysis, storyboarding, concept pitching, illustrating, animating, and final delivery.
After launch and the entire duration until I left CNE, I was in charge of maintenance of the channel assets, creating new slates, and sponsorship graphics as needed by our stakeholders.
Role: Design Lead + Animator

Official LAUNCH Graphics

Ad Slate Filler

Now Playing Bug

Ad Break Alert

Animated Bug Logo Ident

Merchandise Conveyor Belt Ad Slate

Merchandise Conveyor Belt Ad Slate

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