Examples of wireframes (left to right): Onboarding Screen, Concerts, Profile, Notifications

Moodboard 1: Inspired by the colorful photographs of concert photographer Ben Zucker, this moodboard invokes a sense of liveliness, excitement, and fun. Iconography is clean and simple, allowing the photos and colors to have the most visual impact.

Moodboard 2: Inspired by the impactful moments captured by concert photographer Brit O'Brien, this moodboard has a more sophisticated vibe. This moodboard also explores using the circle as a main design element.

Sample Screens (left to right): Onboarding screen, Concerts page, Concert details, Amazon Echo Settings

Amazon Echo Spot tech specs, taken from Amazon's website.

Instance 1: "Alexa, when's the Ariana Grande concert again?"
VIVA keeps track of what concerts you're going to. Forget which seats you have? Want to schedule an Uber ahead of time? Or want to hear some of that artist's hit songs? VIVA has got you covered. In this case, the screen would be moving as the user swipes left or asks Alexa about the venue, or to play the artist's music.
Instance 2: "Alexa, what are my concert updates for the day?"
VIVA will have its own flash briefings. This is, again, a primarily verbal exchange, and so the visuals will be simple, giving more information if the user decides to glance at the Echo Spot.
Instance 3: "Alexa, tell me more about the Hippo Campus concert."
In this instance, the user does not already have tickets fro the concert purchased. Thus, the "Tickets Available" button would send a push notification to the user's phone to the ticket purchasing page. The second screen would push a notification to the user's Map app for directions to the venue. The last screen would show a music video from the band's hit songs.
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