Objective: As a part of my summer internship at Adobe as a Visual Design Intern on Adobe's internal Visual Design Team, I built a portfolio app prototype on Adobe XD to use as a part of my final presentation as well as to leave my team with wireframes and a workflow for future development.
Needs: The Visual Design Team is an internal team at Adobe that supports field and executive communications while also existing in the broader space of the Global Marketing Organization. Thus, the work they produce spans a wide array of different touchpoints and deliverables.
Solution: Using my internship's projects, I curated mockups for various digital platforms in addition to building example pages for the three main deliverables the team produces: PowerPoint presentations, HTML emails, and websites. 
Given that this is a prototype made to be used for demos, it was also important to make the prototype as functional as possible, with links to the home page as well as links to previous and new work on every page.
*Note, much of the work I produced was Adobe Confidential; thus, only a few screenshots can be provided.​​​​​​​
On the far left, you can see the four low-fidelity wireframes I used as the basis for the rest of the app's design. A fifth, less obvious "design" was formatting the app to present PowerPoints correctly and consistently.
Again, the Visual Design Team wanted a high functioning prototype that could stand alone in front of users and appear to be a fully functioning app. Thus, I wired every screen to have a home button in addition to connecting the work with next and previous buttons in accordance with the projects' order on the home screen. 
Furthermore, I wanted to make the app as interactive as possible. For certain screens, I added a click here button to encourage users to browse more in-depth examples of the work. In an effort to reduce file size and keep the artboards to a minimum, I utilized XD's hover feature.
In the final project file, I also included highlighted notes about each layout's functionality. I also created a folder for the mockups on the team's asset database for easy access.
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